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Saarthi E-Rickshaw “Ride With Trust Featured

SAARTHI e-Rickshaws are India’s leading brand for launching e-Rickshaw (Battery Driven Technology) in the Country. We believe in our ideas to change the world of our long decades man pulled rickshaws in our country.

With aim to manufacture a Rickshaw which is not man pulled and secondly also not effects our environment with any kind of pollution (Air and Noise). Our continues research & development results Saarthi e-Rickshaw birth.

And today we have wide variety of e-Rickshaws / Electric Vehicles (Battery Driven) under the brand name “SAARTHI” e-Rickshaw.

  • E-Auto
  • E-Rickshaw

487/68, Industrial Area, Matke Wali Gali, National Mkt., Peera Garhi, New Delhi - 110087 INDIA